Andrei Bouzo

Pinhole photography

About me


I am a Finland-based pinhole photographer. I create images exclusively by using pinhole camera. I use various commercially made cameras and I also like to make my own cameras as well. I also found myself instinctively working with black and white film.

I love the way the removal of color help simplify a scene, reducing it to its most basic and fundamental elements. I love the tones, the atmosphere and feeling black and white film and pinhole camera could evoke. It became apparent that calm and stillness feeling and emotion were at the core of what I trying to resonate in my images.


The simplicity of using primitive and relatively uncontrollable media means that even a day spent achieving little in material terms still has a fundamentally satisfying aspect to it.

Exhibitions and publications:


Viialan kirjasto, Akaa. November 2024.

Vesilahden kirjasto. October 2022.
Pizzeria makasiini Vesilahti. 19.08.-11.09.2022.
Group exhibition. Kulttuuritalo Laikku. Tampere. 5.2-27.2.2022.
Lempäälän-Vesilahden Sanomat. 29.12.2021
Viialan kirjasto, Akaa. Solo exhibition 2020.
Myllysaaren museo, Valkeakoski.  Group exhibition 2019.